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Invest in People

October 30, 2013

Teachers invest in people.  They help you learn to study, give you knowledge, impress on you the reasons and importance of why you need to study, they help you achieve goals, they make effort to help you learn.

Doctors invest in people.  They help you stay healthy, help you understand your body, they give you medicine to make you better, they monitor your progress, they want you to grow and enjoy life.

But teachers and doctors are not the only ones who can invest in people.  Each of us can.  Each of us have the same opportunity and ability to invest in others.  But do we?

I received communication from a client a few weeks ago via email after I had shared a blog that I thought the client would be interested in following:

Thank you so much for continuing to invest in me…. I rarely if ever see that!!! and I love it 🙂 Please continue passing along things that you think can help me grow…

What does it take to invest in someone?

I believe it starts with a foundation of common interest about them and their lives.  It takes paying attention to what they are interested in or want to grow in.  It takes sharing and giving.  It takes courage.  It takes time.  It takes an honest attempt to help.  It takes being willing to give and not get anything in return.  It takes wanting them to succeed above all else.  Even before you succeed.

Does it take much?  No, it really doesn’t, but most people focus so much on what they get they don’t give.  They don’t focus on helping others succeed.  They don’t spend time knowing how to learn to grow others, time learning to learn them, time to give.  They don’t invest.  Even in the small things.

May I encourage you today, spend a little bit of time and invest in those around you!


Dilemmas with Friends on Social Media

September 24, 2013

Social Media is a great tool!  You can connect with people all over the world.  However, as with all tools, you have to ensure that you are using them to your best advantage.

I get asked frequently how to handle “Friend Requests” on Facebook.  The friend terminology is sort of a loose term.  Friend on what level?

In order to answer that, you need to understand why you have a platform on Social Media.  Specifically in today’s blog post we will discuss Facebook and the relationship with requests to be connected.  Once you have determined what your platform is and why you have it, you can move on to answer other questions, but without knowing this, you are going to be limited at knowing how to effectively address them.

Here are some questions to help you figure out that dilemma of adding someone to your network.

  • Is the request you received from someone you know?
  • If so, do you want to interact with them?  Do you want to know what is going on in their lives?  Do you want them to know what is going on in your life?
  • If not, do you have mutual friends?
  • If not, are they someone who may have connections to others that you wish to interact with?
  • If not, are they a competitor?
  • Is the request SPAM or solicitation that you don’t want?
  • Do they work for a company that you want to be connected to?
  • Are they well known in the community as someone who serves and is giving and you would like to know?
  • Do they have a profile picture or are they hiding and not being honest about who they are?
  • Do you share mutual interests?
  • Were you referred to them?

Some of these things are hard to answer before you have accepted the friend request.  However, you can always check out LinkedIn and even Google them to see what comes up.  You can learn a lot about someone online.

Additionally, I don’t think you should be afraid to reach out and say “Hey, Thanks for the connection. I apologize, but I don’t recognize your name or picture.  Can you tell me where we met?  Or how you know me?  If you don’t mind me asking, what is your reason for connecting?”

How someone responds or doesn’t respond tells you a lot about their request too!  Make sure that the friends you connect with support your platform and reason for using Social Media, particularly Facebook and you will ensure your interactions are fun, supportive and beneficial.

Do you have other questions you think are good ones to ask yourself when reviewing accepting a “Friend Request”?

How to Live Like You Mean It

September 13, 2013

We posted an image this week to inspire you to Live Like You Mean It!

Are you just living your life day in and day out?  If you want to change and live life like you mean it, how do you do that? We gave it some thought and have a list of descriptions on how you Love Like You Mean It!

  • Be real.  Don’t be fake.  Don’t pretend.  Be authentic.
  • Be you, not somebody else.
  • Live with purpose.  That means that you have a reason for living live.  You have intention about living life.
  • Be determined about your life.  Make plans.  Don’t let life “just happen”.
  • Choose results that bring the life you want.  Our life is the sum of our choices.  To get different results you have to make different choices.
  • Have all the signs indicate that you are living, alive and well!
  • Your life needs significance to be able to meaning to it and in it.

What will you do to Live Like You Mean It?

Live Like You Mean It!

September 10, 2013

Tests while on Vacation

September 6, 2013

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I had tests while I was on vacation as to how I would handle my commitment to unplug during my mixed business and vacation trip to Tennessee.

The first test came my first day.  I was out by the pool and had been on Facebook, catching up on some friends walls and happenings going on when a Facebook Message came through from someone who has been asking me questions the last three months or so about getting into Medical Billing.  I have always promptly answered and given her a thorough response.  I responded that I was out-of-town on vacation and would be glad to get back to her when I returned.  She asked more questions.  I responded again that I would love to help her when I got back and would check into the link she sent me then, but that I was going to break my bad habits and break away from all work related tasks.  She then responded that she had to have an answer now as the class was starting before I returned.

I felt cornered.  I felt pressure.  She wasn’t taking no for an answer.

The deep issue was that I love to help people, however I can and in whatever ways I can be supportive, I desperately wanted to help her, but at the same time I knew myself, I don’t just do a little bit of research, and this short “check this out and let me know link” would turn into at least a two-hour ordeal.  I am thorough in every aspect of my response to people, paid and unpaid.  I didn’t feel I could take the time to go read this link and give her a short response and come away feeling that I had done my job justice and give her the response that was what she was really seeking from me without violating my commitment to myself during this unwinding time off work.

I was frustrated.  Really frustrated with myself.  I decided that I would not respond.  I had already told her my position, I couldn’t be more plain.

Then guilt set in.  She couldn’t control my vacation and she honestly wanted my help.

Then I remembered she had all the advice and information  I had sent to her previously.  I could not make this decision for her.  It was hers to make.  I responded and let her know this and answered a few more questions she had hurled my way in the lapse of my attention to it, and told her that I couldn’t help more at this time, I truly was sorry.  I put the phone away and ignored it.  I had to.

This was really tough to do, especially by this point, I had already spent 30 minutes doing what I literally said I was not going to do.  I was angry at myself.

I then took a deep breath and gave myself a pep talk:  “This is your first time to do this.  Chill.  You didn’t give in completely, relax.  Yes, you could have handled this a better way, but you made a stab at it and you did what you did.  It’s done, move on.”

I should have let my first response be my only response and let it go.  It was not a life and death emergency.  If she chose to enroll in a class less than a week to go, this was not my problem.  There was no “urgency”.  A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  When will I learn?

Awwwhhhhh, this was part of the learning.  I had to learn.

The second test came from a voicemail of a clients employee calling me and asking me for the shredding services contact name and information.  She stated “I know you are on vacation but know you will have this with you if you could kindly contact me back”.  I made a note on my todolist for when I returned to get this to her.  I did not call or text her back.

This one, made me feel like I had achieved something!  For once.  I kept my promise to myself.  No, I was not going to work was a complete NO.

The third challenge came from a sibling insisting that I talk during my coaching session.  I had left my phone on silent in my purse downstairs intentionally.  I spent a lot of money to do this and I was not going to be interrupted or loose my focus during this intense session.  This was not acceptable to this person and I was told “Everyone has two seconds.”

This hurt deeply.  To the gal who wants to help you more than you even know, this cut deep.  But I held strong and said no.  I will spare you the drama and the other things that were verbally hurtful to me and used to put me on a guilt trip, because it doesn’t matter.

I share these three tests I encountered to encourage you…IF you struggle with work life balance issues like I do, I came away with five nuggets from these encounters:

  • Don’t be afraid to step out from your routine and learn to do things different.  Just because you “always have” doesn’t mean you “always will”.
  • In order to replace a bad habit, you have to create a new one.  You can’t just do nothing, something has to be different or you will automatically do the same thing again.
  • Set boundaries and stick to them.  Be disciplined to know your pitfalls and what will cause you to trip up and not be able to focus on your commitment.
  • Don’t go back on your commitment to yourself.  Stay the course and learn from the tests that come your way so that next time, you are a winner from the get go and you don’t have any internal war with yourself!
  • Not everyone will understand.  Not everyone will get your need to unplug.  Do it anyways.

Social Media Questions

August 16, 2013

Facebook is a main form of Social Media interaction today.  Everyone uses it for a different platform.  Some people are out to vent about their day.  Some people check in at every spot they go.  Some people never post, never like, never comment, never share, never seem alive.  Some people even have a generic profile picture because they want to look like they are hiding.  No matter your reasons, your method, your choice of which Social Media you use, we all must address these questions:

  • What do I want to get out of Social Media?
  • Who do I want to interact with?
  • Why do I want to be on Social Media?
  • Who are my “friends”?
  • What happens if someone disagrees with my post?
  • What happens if I hurt someone’s feelings?
  • What message do I want my Social Media to say about me?
  • How often do I wish to engage on Social Media?
  • Who am I trying to target with my Social Media?
  • What are the benefits of Social Media?

These are a few questions that you must answer in order to create and have the online Social Media presence you want.  Once these are answered, you can move forward with implementing the purpose and vision you have for Social Media.

As you reflect on the answer to these questions above, are there others you feel need to be asked?  If so, share them with the readers below!

We look forward to hearing from you and you sharing the what, why, and who of Social Media with us!

Why Good Communication is Key

August 8, 2013

In order to be a great leader you must be a great communicator. The key to becoming a skillful communicator is rarely found in what has been taught in the world of education.  From our earliest days in the classroom we are trained to focus on enunciation, vocabulary, presence, delivery, grammar, syntax and the like. In other words, we are taught to focus on ourselves. While each of these things are important to learn, the critical elements of communication are rarely taught.

In order to be a great communicator, you have to be intentional in your communication.  You have to be keenly focused on the relationship and your interaction with others.  Your message won’t be taken to heart by your audience and won’t be understood, let alone make an impact if you don’t.

While developing an understanding of great communication skills is easier than one might think, being able to appropriately draw upon said skills when the chips are down is not always as easy as one might hope for.

The best communicators are great listeners and astute in their observations. Great communicators are skilled at reading a person/group by sensing the moods, dynamics, attitudes, values and concerns of those being communicated with. Not only do they read their environment well, but they possess the uncanny ability to adapt their messaging to said environment without missing a beat. The key is that the message is not about the messenger, it must be 100% about the listener and meeting the needs and the expectations of those you’re communicating with.

What ways do you practice your communication skills?

How do you help a Team Member that is Hurting?

June 8, 2013

Have you ever been in the position where you arrived at work to find a Team Member hurting?  You can see it in their eyes, their body language, their expression, the mood displayed.

How do you approach someone that is hurting to find out how you can help?

How do you show you care without prying into their personal life and asking them to share what they may not feel comfortable sharing?

How do you reach out and encourage?

How do you show support and communicate “I love you” no matter what it is that has happened?  No matter what you are feeling?  No matter if it will get better.

Every person  has a different temperament, however the following list are ways you can make an impact and open the door to let them know you saw the pain in their life and know they are experiencing a difficult time.


Here are 5 simple things you can do to reach out and show you care:

  • Give a hug.  There is nothing in the world like a hug.  There is nothing that can communicate what words can’t with a hug.  It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be forceful, just a quick pull towards you and squeeze them tight and let them go.
  • Invite them to share if they wish to.  A simple: “You seem to be having a rough day, do you need to talk?”  Sometimes all that someone needs to do is share what is hurting them, bothering or perplexing them, creating frustration in them, etc.  Sometimes if they just have someone who is willing to listen they can open up and tell you more then you ever dreamed they would.
  • Inquire if you can do something.  A simple: “Is there anything I can do for you today?”  If you have a report with the individual, they will know you are genuinely interested in their life and are not manipulating the conversation to obtain gossip.
  • Let them know you are praying for them.  If you feel they are open to this, pull them in your office and grab their hands and pray together.  If you don’t feel this would be received well, do it alone.
  • Send them an email, text message or card in the mail to let them know you care and are thinking of them.  Nothing cheers up a hurting, lonely, distraught heart like a message from a friend to let them know you care.

What is something you have done and found to work at helping a Team Member who is hurting?  Share below!

Dealing with Change

July 25, 2012

Dealing with change? Ask the following questions:

  1. What can I learn from this?
  2. How can I improve?
  3. What do I want now?
  4. What actions do I need to take?

25 Random Facts about Me

July 9, 2012
In an attempt to let you learn more about me, I am doing a different type of post today.  This one is some facts about me.
  1. I am the oldest of 3 siblings, I have a brother and a sister.
  2. I graduated High School at 15 years of age.
  3. I absolutely love recharging by the pool (or other water venues).
  4. I love chips & salsa.
  5. I have only owned Honda Civics, am on my 3rd one.
  6. I have been an Entrepreneur for 8 years.
  7. I love to knit.
  8. I learned to play the piano as a child and wish I played it more.
  9. I love to read books, particularly books that help you develop as a person.
  10. I am addicted to Facebook.
  11. I love to help others.
  12. I can never eat enough sushi.
  13. My favorite movie is The Sound of Music.  Second favorite is The Titanic.
  14. I am an Android user.  I refuse to get on the Apple trail.
  15. As of today, I have 726 friends on Facebook.
  16. My favorite Starbucks drink is the caramel macchiato, iced or hot.
  17. I taught knitting lessons at a quilt shop for 3 years before they discontinued carrying yarn.
  18. I was not raised with nor own a TV.  Not sure where I would find the time for one.
  19. I wear a lot of white and black.
  20. Most all of my close girlfriends are married and have moved away.
  21. I send 2000+ text messages a month.
  22. I have work eyeglass since the 6th grade and contacts since age 14.
  23. My dream job as a child was to be a 911 Operator.
  24. I have owned my own home for 5 years.
  25. I dream of someday not working 6 days a week.

work willingly at whatever you do…

June 20, 2012

Do you have 10 Commandments of Business?

June 18, 2012

I follow several blogs, some business, some motivational, some spiritual, to continue to grow me as an Entrepreneur, an individual, and follower of Christ.  I particularly like the thoughts of one of the posts recently that was discussing the 10 commandments of doing business a different way. A way that is designed to lead to not just a great career that changed lives, but to the ability to love the work you do in the world, the business you aspire to build and the life you want to live.  You can read the complete post here.  Here are the 10 Commandments of Biz Jonathan Fields posted.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Patrick Lencioni

May 23, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Patrick Lencioni

Research shows people have to hear things 7 times before they believe it.

The single based improvement and competitive advantage in our organizations is an opportunity that is free, accessible and virtually untapped.  The things you do to build an organization most people think it’s beneath them.  They thinks it’s not sophisticated enough, not enough adrenaline, not able to quantify, not complex enough. If you ignore these things you will transform your organization.  You must be “smart” about finance/money, technology, marketing, business, and education…and “healthy” minimal politics and confusion, high degrees of morale and productivity and encouragement. Be a leader!  These [smart & healthy] must be 50-50%. Knowledge vs a healthy organization…better “smart” isn’t want is needed.  Build amazing culture and you will tap into your knowledge and make better decisions.  This is a rigorous process.

The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization

1 – Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

This is a must.  Be vulnerable.  Vulnerability based trust, not predictive trust…I need help. I don’t understand. I apologize…be butt naked with each other.  If a leader is not vulnerable first, then nobody else will.  Product and strategy may be problems but those are results of lack of trust in the executive team.  You can’t be too vulnerable.  The people we lead know what is going on – be the first to acknowledge it and respond.  Embrace vulnerability.  It’s liberating.  They’ll respond with loyalty and trust.

2 – Create Clarity

Have core values and be willing to be punished/stand up for them.  Agree on this stuff at the highest level.  Be intolerant of the things that don’t support your core values.  Go out and be who you are and over communicate the message.  Leaders can’t be tired of repeating themselves.  If your people can’t do an impression of you, you aren’t communicating it enough.  Put some structure in places around processes that involve people.  Simple structures.  Institutionalize your culture without bureaucracy.  Who are you?  What are your values?  Define that by 1 or 2 things.

3 – Over Communicate Clarity

Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.

4 – Reinforce Clarity

Institutionalize without commercializing your structure.  Create enough structure to reinforce this.  Not undefined structure. Great leaders are comfortable doing these things even if they are punished for it because that is how they make it real. Great leaders make it real eve if it hurts them.  Great leaders are humble and willing to do the things that lead their organization.  You will change your team, that will change their spouses, their kids, their families, their neighbors, their friends, and they will treat everyone else better.  None of us can look back and say that is beneath us!


Review of my top nuggets:

  • Build amazing culture [high degree of morale, productivity and encouragement].
  • Be vulnerable.
  • Have 1 or 2 core values.
  • None of us can say that this is beneath us!


I was the FIRST to register for the event so I got Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage!!!  I was very excited to get this as after his talk, I knew I wanted to purchase it!

A special Thank You to the host & team of the event…you did a great job!!!

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Sheeyna Iyengar

May 22, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Dr. Sheeyna Iyengar

What makes a leader?  The one who is at the top of the ladder?  The one with the big office and big salary?  The one who can get away with anything?  One who speaks softly?  One who speaks loudly?

How do they get the respect?  Are they naturally born with charisma?  Fate?  Chance?  Or is it a choice?  Those critical actions they decided to take at those critical moments.  Choice is the only thing that gives meaning in everything we say and do.  Choice puts control in your hands.  Choice is the most powerful tool in your hands to go from where you are today to tomorrow.  Ultimately you are the sum of all your choices.

We all don’t see choices the same, or to the same extent.  How many choices to have, how to make them, who should make them, what is a meaningful choice, why the choice is important, etc.  Culture and training affect our choices.  Give choices that inspire and motivate others.  Choices given are many times more attractive but not as effective [Jam demonstration example].  Effective leaders see choice through other people’s eyes.  Choices are comparing bundles of information.  We struggle when we are given more than 7.

Too much choice = delay, procrastinate, make worse choices, perform  worse, less satisfied, choice overload

Too much choice makes people ask: What If?

CEO’s make decisions over 50% of the time, in 9 minutes or less; 38% in 9 minutes to 1 hour; and only 12% of those decisions take an hour or more; 5 times as many choices as tasks in a given week.  Be proactive vs reactive in your decisions and choices.  Spend time on the choices that matter most.  Be choosy about choosing.

Make a Choice: Choosing is an art.  It does not look the same to all eyes, nor do we all agree on its purpose.  Though we can learn from other people, there is no simple formula.  We do not experience the same results.  In order to do it well [choose] it requires you to face yourself, you must rummage within yourself, etc.  We don’t all look at the choices the same way.

A great leader must question choices and look for new ways to achieve the goals.  Choices have limitations; you must be willing to relinquish it in order to appreciate its true power.

Face reality of hard work and humility.  Recognize the worth of something even if you have more than you need.  You loose the value of that which is free if you don’t appreciate it.

A leader is someone who can live with nothing, yet have everything.  A dreamer with a plan.

Write your own story, choose with wisdom and compassion.  You are mastering the art of choosing.

Review of my top nuggets:

  • Choice is the most powerful tool in your hands.
  • Spend time on the choices that matter most.
  • Be choosy about choosing.
  • Question choices.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Roland Fryer

May 21, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Dr. Roland Fryer

You can’t eat prestige.

8th Grade test scores show us a lot about education and skills when you compare them when they are 40.  Current teachers are now more educated, have masters, make double the income, have less the number of students and flat achievement results.

Teach us…tell us how we can fix it.  Watch and hang out so you can get the recipe.  Make them feel like superstars.  Test to see what you don’t know and teach what you don’t know or need to know more of.  Do small group training.  One on one coaching.  High expectations.  No excuses.  People live up or down to our expectations.  Do the work.  We know the work.  If it’s so obvious, then why don’t we do it?  Educate the most vulnerable.

Personal Responsibility.  You must develop yourself so that you can develop others.  Our talk is more sophisticated but the situation is the same.  Elevate the conversation to a purpose, for a solution, the arguments have gone on long enough, show me the data on how it works.  Hold our leaders accountable.  Show people what is possible to get them past the feeling that it can’t be done.  They have to be encouraged.

Tough love.  Let them know that you understand the situation but that they must keep on.  We need to know in real-time where you are.  Keep evaluating.  Take the test.  Grow.  Learn.  Change.

Do we have what it takes to make these changes?  We are going to have to figure out how to educate the most vulnerable.

Review of my top nuggets:

  • Watch and hang out so you can get the recipe.
  • Educate the most vulnerable.
  • You must develop yourself so you can develop others.
  • Evaluate. Test. Grow. Learn. Change.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Soledad O’Brien

May 16, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Soledad O’Brien

As a journalist, I wrote stories about events, people, and issues that were “stuck”…interviewed people [famous and not so famous] learning most from the regular people…documentaries…conversations…

True leadership happens in conversations.  Often by people who feel their stories are ignored.

There is bravery when you recognize that people don’t mean what they say.  Move through life with dignity and people will follow your lead.

Be present when the moment calls.  Be steady.  Don’t run.  Analyze how people rise up and when people fall down.  Set out to do with all the power you have.

Decide to lead.  Decide to have a voice to stand up.  Take a stand for justice, even if others do not agree.

True leadership is having to take a very different path.  True leadership is going off script.  True leadership is about blunt conversations.  True leadership is not about change that comes tomorrow or the next day – real history making change takes time, but it comes.

Supporting the culture and affirming the change…trust…listen to others…have opinions about right and wrong…share and build connections with those that you disagree with, to build peace and civility.

Conscience must ask the question: Is it right?


Review of my top nuggets:

  • Be steady. Don’t run.
  • Decide to lead.
  • True leadership is going off script.
  • Change takes time.


Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…John Maxwell

May 15, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

John Maxwell

The choices we make dictate the lives we live.  You must have your own personal growth plan. Transformation must start in the life of the leader.  We make a decision that is important and then we manage it the rest of your life.  Growth is not automatic, it’s intentional.  You grow on purpose.  Your life can be changed!

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership work because they are laws.  Laws don’t care.  They don’t ask if you will buy in.

New Book: The 15 Laws of Personal Growth (this book is coming out in October 2012).

The Law of Intentionality = Growth doesn’t just happen. Grow on purpose.  You have to make a choice to grow.  There is a choice you have to make in everything you do…in the end, the choice you make, makes you. Put your money where your values are.  You want to change your challenges, difficulties, problems, everything around us, but you don’t want to change yourself.  Leadership is a process of intentionality…Do It Everyday!  The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda!  Be intentional everyday.  You either are repairing or preparing.  Have a Simple Plan.  Basic Plan.  Practical Plan. Applicable Plan.  Do it now, now what I should do or gonna do.  Current Plan.  You plan is uphill all the way.

The Law of Diminishing Return = By putting off what you should do, you’ll never do it.  The longer you don’t do it, the higher the chance we won’t do it.

The Law of Awareness = You must know yourself to grow yourself.  Invest in yourself…why should someone else invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?

Requirement: What is expected or required of me?

Return: What gives me a return?  What do I do well?  Put your effort and energy, and growth to your strengths!  Weak becomes average after effort.

Rewarding: What is rewarding to me?  We migrate to what we like to do!  It brings life to me.  These bring passion = the phenomenal energy.

The Law of Environment = Growth thrives in conducive surroundings…one that is conducive to our challenge of growth.  To create a growth environment: Where others are ahead of me; A place where I am continually challenged; Where my focus is continually forward; A place where the atmosphere is affirming; A place where I’m out of my comfort zone [but never out of your gift zone]; Where you wake up excited; Failure is not my enemy; Where other people are growing; Where people desire [wanting & willing to change] change and they can only grow with change; Where growth is modeled, encouraged and required!

You can’t lock out greatness!  Become the person you want to become…with the keys to personal growth, unlock the door and walk out of that cell!

Review of my top nuggets:

  • The choices we make dictate the lives we live.
  • There is a choice you have to make in everything you do…in the end, the choice you make, makes you.
  • You must know yourself to grow yourself.
  • Growth thrives in conducive surroundings.  Create a growth environment.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Angela Ahrendts

May 11, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Angela Ahrendts

Trust is how we lead our company.  Reinforce your culture and lead by intuition, be connected, compassionate, intuitively lead, make choices. It is our job to put the right people in the right positions in order to win.  You have to trust their values and leadership…and must share the same values and vision, on all levels!  You have to use all expertise to execute but you can’t do this without trust.  You have to create a culture on what’s best for the company, the people, “the Brand”…it gets rid of self and the ego.  Intuition will empower people…we value feeling over knowledge. Leaders have to look forward.

Don’t ever forget where you come from…your heritage and your values.  Our vision is that the true measure of our success will be by the lives we have touched and their success.  Your culture touches other people.  intuition is the greatest output of trust and a strong culture.

Don’t get intimidated by how fast things are going.

Protect, explore and inspire. Use your instincts.  It will build trust in your team.  Trust empowers people.

Follow your instincts.  Reinforce your values.  Have a laser point of view.


Review of my top nuggets:

  • You must share the same values and vision.
  • Don’t ever forget where you came from…your heritage or your values.
  • Trust empowers people.
  • Follow your instincts. Reinforce your values. Have a laser point of view.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Tim Tebow

May 9, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Tim Tebow

People respect you when you put it all on the line.

A leader is someone you can influence.  Everyone can be a leader.

Consistently work hard.  Make the most of it.  Stand up!

At the end of the day…we have to know that it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose, or someone writes a bad article about me; I know whose I am.

Mission Statement:  Bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour.

People say:  I’m not a role model.  Yes you are, you just aren’t a very good one.  I want to be a role model for someone.  I want to invest in their lives.  Your platform can make a difference.

It is the wrong approach to have an attitude of you can’t wait to get this day done, get practice over, get done with workouts, get free time to go hang out and relax, get home, get to play, get off work, quit, get out of whatever. You need to wake up with the attitude on how you can improve yourself today and that you want to make an impact in someone else’s life today.  It will change your day and your life.

You have to love what you do.  You have to be passionate about what you do…a passion is not just motivation or have a hype about it.  Whether you feel good or bad you will still do it!  You have to be willing to sacrifice.

If someone’s watching you, then there is someone you can influence.


Review of my top nuggets:

  • People respect you when you put it all on the line.
  • Your platform can make a difference.
  • You have to be passionate about what you do…not just motivated or have a hype about it.
  • You have to be wiling to sacrifice.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Urban Meyer

May 8, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts.  The topic this year was on Choices.

Urban Meyer

Many times we are face with choices that create conflict.  There is a way…you just have to be very disciplined and balanced in ALL areas of life.  Look inward and evaluate yourself.  Brighten someone else’s day.

Three characteristics of a great Leader:

1.  Selfless

2.  Worth Ethic

3.  Competitor

People get derailed by how other people feel about them.  Your faith and family are what will help you keep your focus.

Let the negative things go.  Focus on the things you can control.

Handle yourself right on the sidelines and you’ll be invited to the game that matters.


Review of my top nuggets:

  • There is a way…you just have to be very disciplined and balanced in ALL areas of life.
  • Brighten someone else’s day.
  • Let the negative things go.
  • Handle yourself right on the sidelines and you’ll be invited to the game that matters.


Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Andy Stanley

May 7, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts.  The topic this year was on Choices.

Andy Stanley

As a Leader, the following is true:

I may be in charge, but I don’t know what to do. I may be in charge, but I don’t have all the answers.  I’m not the smartest person around here, I’m just the Leader.

Open leadership is good for the soul.  Leaders are important because of the things we hate the most: Uncertainty.  Uncertainty is why people need Leaders.  It is what makes us who we are.  You will never have all the information you need…but you can’t be intimidated by uncertainty or its culture.  It’s not an indication of poor leadership.  Navigate uncertainty: The goal is to not eradicate uncertainty, but navigate it.

Process for making decisions:

What would my replacement do?

Why don’t we walk out and come back in and do what they would do?  Why are you stuck on the way you have always done it?  Your emotions?  Your memories?  Instead of the Mission and Vision.

What would a great Leader do?

It brings great power to encourage you to meet your struggles.  Not concerned about a bonus, reputation, what people will think, the way its already/always been done.  Don’t make it bigger…make it better!  You will get bigger if you do.  Ask a better question.  Be selfless.  Influence.  Be a Leader.  What’s in it for everyone else?  Be committed.  You will find significance.  You will find answers.  Better questions.  Beyond anything you ever would have considered.  Extraordinary opportunity.

What story do I want to tell?

Every decision you make in your life at some point is just a story.  Don’t make a choice that will make you a liar for life. Make decisions that you are proud to tell!  Your story is with you forever!  Every business decision you make becomes apart of you for life!  Honor God!  Honor your company and the people you work with.  Honor your friends!  Honor your Family!  So what story do you want to tell?  This is the legacy question.  Ask good questions! Be a Leader with a Vision for people to follow. Write a script that is a story you are proud to tell!

Make good choices & be a Leader worth following!


Review of my top nuggets:

  • We never have all the information we need!
  • Don’t make it bigger…make it better.
  • Your story is with you forever!
  • Be a leader with a vision for people to follow.

Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event

May 4, 2012

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event today [my 2nd time, last year was my 1st] via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth today…I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts to share with you my notes so that you may be inspired also!  The topic this year was on Choices.

The day was a packed one.  Full of speakers via the simulcast event and even a few speakers live for us from the local area.  This picture is the lady who greeted me at the door when I arrived.

Misty & Morning Chapel Volunteer

Morning Chapel Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Volunteer

All the team were very warm, friendly, helpful and full of smiles! I can’t wait for next year!!!

Morning Chapel Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Team

Morning Chapel Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Team

I met you at a Networking Event…

April 25, 2012

I met you at a Networking Event.  We exchanged business cards.

That does not mean:

  1. I will refer to you.
  2. You can add me to your Email Marketing Campaign, just because you have my information without my permission to do so.
  3. We are Strategic Business Partners.
  4. I want to be apart of your downline.
  5. You are professional and someone I wish to work with.

It does mean:

  1. I have an opportunity to get to know you, learn about what you do, and how I can be of service to you.
  2. You may ask to add me to your Email Marketing Campaign, but if I don’t want to, that is okay, it is my choice.  Note:  If you don’t ask me first, it is guaranteed that I will be opting out.  If you don’t have that option, I will make sure you understand that you must remove me because you violated this.
  3. I will do my best to get you the connections you need in business.
  4. I am working to build my business just as much as you are yours and I would like the same respect.
  5. I will encourage you in your Entrepreneurship.  I will be a supporter in every way possible.

People do business with people they know, like and trust.  Give me a chance to get to know you, learn what you do, why you do what you do, how you do what you do, an opportunity to see what you are like, if you are professional, trustworthy, and how you respond to our interactions.  These things will create a relationship and give us both a better chance at referrals and being a Strategic Business Partners.  Please don’t kill any chance of this by SPAMING me with your information, products, newsletters, and like materials.  Nobody wants pushy people in our lives, we have plenty of them we can’t control.  You will kill any opportunity with me if you do this.

Quit While You Still Can!

April 16, 2012

I am continually amazed at the number of people in the Healthcare Industry that smoke.  I am allergic, severely allergic, to it.  I choke up, start itching, and have breathing issues when I am around cigarette smoke.  It never ceases to amaze me that when you go into a healthcare facility, you will find healthcare workers right outside the entrance puffing away like it is their only lifeline.  They, above others, know the hard core reasons not to smoke and what smoking does to your body and the issues it causes to your health.

I know a doctor who doesn’t like it that he/she smokes and wants to stop, but is doing nothing to do so.  This physician puts this up in his/her office to help be a reminder as to what smoking does to you.  Do you think this will work?  What if when you sit in your office your back is to it?  Would you still smoke after seeing this?

Quit While You Still Can…is a great message…if you are listening.  But if you don’t read the fine print and your back is to it, it probably won’t do you much good.

What are you passionate about?

April 6, 2012

In a quest to help some friends, I want to get feedback from you…

What are you passionate about?  How did you learn what that was?  Are you doing work that matters?  Do you love what you do?  What motivates you?  Will you share with me your story?

Hiding from Complaints?

March 28, 2012

How do you handle complaints about the services your company provides?  How do you respond to the negative feedback?  How do you handle the criticizing remarks that are given?

It is something you should consider, if you haven’t.  How you respond to those things tells a lot more about your company then you might think.  Not everyone is going to appreciate your efforts at every moment of your service to them, but how you respond will either make peace to the issue, win them back, or contribute to a further separation of ways.  You may not always choose the right option, you may be caught off-guard, you may take it personal and let it negatively affect you.  However, how you respond is critical to moving forward in business.  Learn from each thing that happens and try to better yourself.

I personally know some companies that do everything to dispel the negative comments about their service…especially when it is posted online.  They delete them.  If you knew that they did this, what would you think of them, of their company, of their integrity?  I will tell you what I think, it makes me think less of them.  It makes me feel they are being dishonest about their business if they are hiding the complaints, the negative comments, the disgruntled customers, the issues.  Why would you ask?  Because negative feedback is part of life.  Issues come up.  Things get done against protocols.  Situations have to be worked out.  Mistakes are made.  Problems have to be resolved.  We are human and we make mistakes.  There is no personal relationship that is perfect, that always runs smoothly, that is always positive…neither will be your experiences in business.  That doesn’t mean the negative comments are valid or that they are easy to accept.  It means that you must face the music and deal with the situation.  If someone has left you some negative feedback, by you being open, honest in your response, kind back no matter the comment given, even if you do not believe the feedback is legit or there is more to the story, you will win more customers than just the one letting you have it.  Even if you don’t win any customers, your integrity will show through on how you handle the deal.  You show that you are open to being informed on what they experienced and that you will listen.  Isn’t that pretty important?

For the record: The only time I believe it would be appropriate to delete a negative post is when someone uses profanity.  There are enough words in the English Language to use to describe your frustration and feelings without having to use words that simply are full of dirt and anger.  You can communicate how you feel with integrity and sincerity without those terms.  If there is another valid reason…it is escaping me.  I want honesty and commitment to my clients, even if something went sour to be displayed in every aspect of business.

What tips do you have in handling complaints?  Share with us!

Parenting & Being a Leader

March 16, 2012

I am not a parent.  I don’t know what it is like to hear the word “Mom”.  I don’t know what it is like to be needed 24/7.  I don’t know what it is like to go from being proud of your child to being humiliated.  I haven’t faced seeing the reflections of you in them and their mannerisms, many of which will haunt you.  I haven’t experienced these things…

But.  I am starting to understand parenting more.  I am getting more of a clue about what it takes to be a leader.  What is required to achieve the results you want.  I am learning a lot about me.  You ask, How when you are not a parent?

In my profession, I am the leader, director and manager of my employees.  It is up to me to guide them and make sure the job gets done.  It is up to me to educate and provide the training on the skills to perform the tasks.  The job requires them to follow through with my instructions.  I teach my clients employees skills, provide resources, information and understanding on various subjects related to the industry and their job duties.  This is what I do, it is my job, it requires skills and challenges in many ways related to parenting.

In my quest to be a professional and excellent at what I do, I have to evaluate the steps to this process.  It is not because I am a bad leader, I just want to be better.  If my employees are not getting it, it shows in their production.  If mistakes are continued to be made after the learning period, it means concepts were not grasped.  If the job is not done on schedule, it means they may not be being disciplined to achieve the deadline.  If they promise to be available to work and then are not, it means they have put other priorities above work and their yes is not yes.  If they don’t ask questions to get clarification, they are not trying to learn.  If I see them just staring at me like a zombie, I know that they have not connected and are not engaged.  Few things are more excruciating than to be spent at trying to help people learn and them not be learning.  These types of situations bother me, deep in my soul.  I want them to get it.  I want them to not make mistakes.  I want them to be disciplined because of the results it produces.  I want to give them more work when they can prove they do the work they were given well.  I want them to ask questions because there are no dumb questions when you don’t know.  I want them to have a vision and be a team player.  

When you face these moments, if you are anything like me, you spend time reflecting on how to be better.  You question your ability.  You question your method.  You question their choices.  You evaluate their skills.  You evaluate your communication style.  You may be frustrated and unsure what to change.  Good leaders however will evaluate the processes and seek support from those who can give us guidance.  Good leaders will realize that some things don’t always work and new methods will have to be implemented.  Good leaders understand that you have to try to get into the employees mind.  Good leaders realize sometimes things take longer than you originally planned.  Good leaders know they have to be firm, fair and consistent.  Good leaders know that the team is watching you and you have to stay strong.

That said, given all the support in the world, even the best leader can’t force his/her employees or clients employees want to learn, or actually learn.  They make choices about what they will and won’t learn, what they will or won’t do off the clock (that affects their job), what they will or won’t ask, what they will or won’t absorb, what they will or won’t choose; we all do.  Many of these choices affect our performance and the outcome because of these choices.  The leader is not the one responsible for the results.  You are.

The leaders that have been a true source of strength, guidance and inspiration to me are the ones that asked the tough questions, the ones that kept my feet to the fire, the ones that encouraged me to think for myself, the ones that inspired me to be different, not follow with the mainstream just because everyone was doing it, the ones that encouraged me to take the high road no matter how I was treated, the ones that strive for excellence because it matters, the ones that weren’t afraid of confrontation because that is apart of life, the ones that know your weak points and try to help you through them, the ones that encouraged you to say No – I don’t understand or No – I can’t do that, the ones that will never lie no matter what is asked of them, the ones that respected you for who you are, the ones that welcomed discussion and push you to your limits.  These are lessons you learn from good leaders and you never know when those tips will come back to you in your role as a leader…even if you are not a parent and don’t have those hands-on parenting skills.