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LifePlan Testimonial

September 27, 2013

It’s been a month since I did LifePlan Coaching with Chris LoCurto.  If you remember, I did a video testimonial the end of the second day.  They asked me if I would do a written testimonial, and I thought I would share it with you, my readers:


In a nutshell, the Life Plan has you evaluate everything you have experienced in your life to clearly understand why you are who you are today.  We tend to get so focused on “pressing on”, so fervently, leaving the past behind, that we do not stop to reflect and let it impact our lives.  I believe the verse and principal of God is a crucial concept to moving forward, but until I accept, acknowledge and address the past I am unable to move forward with freedom.  It’s really hard when your past is ugly, because nobody likes ugly stories, we all want to read, hear and live the good ones.  This is emotionally tough to do but required in order to let God have his perfect work and use this greatly in my life.


I strongly recommend you check into this if you want to grow yourself as a Leader, Entrepreneur, or just personally because you are interested in understanding your life.  Head over to Chris LoCurto’s website and contact him for further information.  He will be delighted to meet you!  Don’t forget to tell him you know me…


Life Plan Coaching Session Day 2

August 28, 2013

We were to begin Day 2 at 8.30am. Fighting feelings from the 1st Day of coaching and dragging physically from mental and emotional exhaustion, we began Day 2.

Before we began, Chris prayed for our time, prayed for him to help me, for me to learn what I needed to, praised God for his part in our lives and the love he has for each of us, and more.  We then launched in and reviewed the nuggets of things that impacted me, along with the lessons I learned from the day before.


Module 6

We created and reviewed a list of the Talent Heart Assessment. What are your:

  • passions
  • needs
  • drives
  • obsessions
  • characteristics
  • qualities
  • yearnings
  • hopes (or expectations)
  • accomplishments

What is the message from these?


Module 7

We reviewed Thinking Wave Links:

In a Scale of 1-10, we rated how I relate to what feels the most comfortable to me with:

  • Risk
  • Change
  • Variables
  • Process
  • Ambiguity
  • Opportunity

1 being the least Risk and 10 being the most Risk. You add these numbers up, divide them by 6 and then you are placed on a chart. The chart has 5 categories: Grinders, Minders, Keepers, Finders and Conceivers. This scale is done both personally and then in business. You can’t be off more than two points or you will crash and burn within 18 months if you stay there.


Module 8

We reviewed Internal Wiring:  What are your drivers vs what are your comfort zones?


Module 9

We created and reviewed My Replenishment Cycle:  When you are replenished, you are strong, face fears, you can do anything. When you aren’t replenished, you are worn down, tired, everything becomes difficult to do.


Module 10

We created and reviewed My Core Values: Core Values are the things that you use to make decisions and filters.  These can change as your life changes.


Module 11

We brainstormed and made a list of nouns and verbs of items that “I exist because/to”:

These things make My Life Purpose (why I exist).  These things create My Life Vision (where I am headed).  These things are My Life Strategies (how I will get there).

From this list, we made a list of things that fuel me (give me energy, keep me going, make me thrive) and things that are brake pedals (things that disable you completely, make you stop or shut you down, and thus create utter difficulty to move forward). The goal is to increase the gas pedal and manage the brake. The brake list is something you want to stay off of.


Module 12

We then made a Life Perspective Filter:  This list contained a list of: What needs Action?


Module 13

We then created a W.I.N.’s Wheel (What’s Important Now):  This was made in the Life Domains: Personal, Family, Career, Church and Community.


Module 14

We then created a Life Initiatives Profile: What are the keys, objectives, next steps, start date and today’s status of them [red, yellow or green].


Module 15

We then created a Life Plan Accountability. The list consists of:

  • Partner(s) = people who can handle all the information, all the details, keep you accountable, people who are smart, value you, and are willing to be that support to you
  • Mentor(s) = people who pour wisdom into you
  • Friend(s) = people who you like to be around that can be a friend to you [but are not considered partners and whom you may not share the same level of details with]
  • Protegé(s) = people you pour into


Module 16
We created and reviewed specific Life Plan Learning’s from my coaching session.

Life Plan Coaching Session Day 1

August 27, 2013

Today was the day for my first session of Life Plan Coaching with Chris LoCurto.  Chris has an awesome place, and the view is gorgeous!!!

Over breakfast, Chris shared the plan for the day…starting with a diagram of how we face problems…Eastern Culture vs Western Culture.  He said the session would not be information for solutions, it will likely be an emotional day…to the point that I may not want to come back.  He asked me to remember to push past that if thats the way I felt.

We headed upstairs to the theater room, in front of the white board to begin the Life Plan Coaching Session.  Chris stated by the end of the day, I would hate the question he would ask of me the most, which would be “Why?”


Module 1

We started with: “What is the primary thing you want to get out of this? …the next 2 days?”

  • Primary Goal
  • Personal Goal
  • Family Goal
  • Career Goal
  • Church Goal
  • Community Goal
Module 2
Chris asked:
  1. What is right?
  2. What is wrong?
  3. What is confused?
  4. What is missing?
I answered the questions.  Chris asked, Why?  I answered with more answers.  Chris asked, Why?  I answered more in-depth yet, and Chris asked, Why?Chris reminded me to understand my personality style.  To be comfortable with it.  The things discovered in today’s session will not be to create victims.  Not to create monsters.  The purpose is to point out what happened and why.
Module 3
We reviewed Turning Points in My Life Story.  We intellectually understand our lives but not fully until we emotionally understand.
God is in the middle of ALL that happened.  [I know this theoretically  just wish I knew this in reality at the time I was facing these things in my life, like I do now.]
Module 4
We created Turning Points Profile of the review of my life.  We then created themes of these periods.
Module 5a and Module 5b
I then made a list of Turning Points Learned from this process, which consisted of a list of 30 items.  [At dinner Chris told me that the most he has ever had someone do was 26, I exceeded that.]Chris asked:  What are you afraid of?  God wants us to surrender to take it away from us. Until you do, he has to work around those things.  Listen.  Focus.  Allow God to speak to you.You can’t fix the business until you fix yourself.
My Homework:  Write a Letter to God to include
F = Family or Future
R = Reputation
M = Money
P = Possessions
T = Time
H = Health
I took 6 pages of notes…there will be more posts about this later, but for now, you know what we covered today.