Why do you Blog?

When people learn you blog, usually their first question is, why?

Is everyone a blogger? No, anymore than everyone is a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA, or any other vocation.  We all our different individuals with our own flair.

Are there bloggers out there that don’t know they are?  For sure.  I didn’t know I was a writer.  I thought all writers kept a journal, and I don’t keep a journal.  I didn’t think I had something to share that would benefit others.

For some people, they can’t write words.  Or they think they can’t.  They can’t share what is on their heart.  Or they think they can’t.  For some, even if they could, they won’t.  They can’t take the things that happen in life and make lessons out of them.  Or they are not spending time reflecting on their lives and the lessons that are presenting themselves.  They can’t share an opinion.  Or they think they nobody would want to hear their opinion.

What got me into blogging?  A simple desire to encourage and support.  To do what others don’t.  To take the passion for what I do and share it.  To have a platform to teach.  I love to learn and I absolutely love to help others learn too.  Entrepreneurship is more than just making money.  It involves the Wheel of Life [if you are not familiar with Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life – google it].  It is taking all those things and intricately making it work together with balance.

Are you a writer?  Are you a blogger?  Are you a teacher?

If so…will you share what has motivated you to write, blog and teach?

If not…will you share how reading, following blogs, and taking classes has benefited you and why you do it?


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