5 Keys to Establish You Know What You are Talking About

In order to create a rapport with your team, you need to establish a relationship with them that you know what you are talking about. Nobody wants to be taught from someone who “thinks” they know the right thing. It is pertinent that you have your data and facts in order and spend time understanding them to be able to explain it in detail to someone who doesn’t. This means that you must develop a technical command over your subject matter. If you don’t possess subject matter expertise, few people will give you the time of day. You will be passed off as a “wanna be” and someone who “thinks they know it all”. People have little interest in listening to those individuals who cannot add value to a situation or topic, but force themselves into a conversation just to hear themselves speak. You must bring value to the table to be heard.

1. Spend time learning your subject matter.
2. Create articles to support what you know.
3. Be willing to have discussions around the topic to answer the why’s and how’s people have about it.
4. Find like minded people who have an interest in what you do so that you can learn to share your ideas and knowledge with others.
5. Perform speaking engagements to perfect your skill.


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