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December 31, 2012

Winning is an Attitude! Hang with Winners, not Looser’s! Be conscious of who you spend time with. Look at the fruit of their life.

– Dave Ramsey



December 24, 2012

What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.
– Benjamin F. Fairless


December 17, 2012

I will never make a decision that will negatively affect my story.

– Andy Stanley


December 10, 2012
Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.
– John F. Kennedy, 35 President of the United States


December 3, 2012

‎Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

– Coco Chanel