Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012…Sheeyna Iyengar

I attended the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012 Event again this year via simulcast at Morning Chapel CME Church in Fort Worth on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  I really enjoyed the awesome speakers and of course, I always have my own takeaways, nuggets, and favorite quotes from speakers!  I am going to highlight these over the next few blog posts. The topic this year was on Choices.

Dr. Sheeyna Iyengar

What makes a leader?  The one who is at the top of the ladder?  The one with the big office and big salary?  The one who can get away with anything?  One who speaks softly?  One who speaks loudly?

How do they get the respect?  Are they naturally born with charisma?  Fate?  Chance?  Or is it a choice?  Those critical actions they decided to take at those critical moments.  Choice is the only thing that gives meaning in everything we say and do.  Choice puts control in your hands.  Choice is the most powerful tool in your hands to go from where you are today to tomorrow.  Ultimately you are the sum of all your choices.

We all don’t see choices the same, or to the same extent.  How many choices to have, how to make them, who should make them, what is a meaningful choice, why the choice is important, etc.  Culture and training affect our choices.  Give choices that inspire and motivate others.  Choices given are many times more attractive but not as effective [Jam demonstration example].  Effective leaders see choice through other people’s eyes.  Choices are comparing bundles of information.  We struggle when we are given more than 7.

Too much choice = delay, procrastinate, make worse choices, perform  worse, less satisfied, choice overload

Too much choice makes people ask: What If?

CEO’s make decisions over 50% of the time, in 9 minutes or less; 38% in 9 minutes to 1 hour; and only 12% of those decisions take an hour or more; 5 times as many choices as tasks in a given week.  Be proactive vs reactive in your decisions and choices.  Spend time on the choices that matter most.  Be choosy about choosing.

Make a Choice: Choosing is an art.  It does not look the same to all eyes, nor do we all agree on its purpose.  Though we can learn from other people, there is no simple formula.  We do not experience the same results.  In order to do it well [choose] it requires you to face yourself, you must rummage within yourself, etc.  We don’t all look at the choices the same way.

A great leader must question choices and look for new ways to achieve the goals.  Choices have limitations; you must be willing to relinquish it in order to appreciate its true power.

Face reality of hard work and humility.  Recognize the worth of something even if you have more than you need.  You loose the value of that which is free if you don’t appreciate it.

A leader is someone who can live with nothing, yet have everything.  A dreamer with a plan.

Write your own story, choose with wisdom and compassion.  You are mastering the art of choosing.

Review of my top nuggets:

  • Choice is the most powerful tool in your hands.
  • Spend time on the choices that matter most.
  • Be choosy about choosing.
  • Question choices.

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