Lessons learned from Beta Client experience

If you follow my blog, you would have read a post here about my latest Beta Client experience.  This is not my first time to ever do this and I have never had a previous bad experience in being a Beta Client; however there is always a first for everything.

Anytime something doesn’t go as planned, I always try to evaluate it.  With that, here are 5 Lessons I learned from the latest Beta Client experience:

  1. Don’t take people at their word.  People change.  When the going gets tough, many times people quit and don’t fulfill their commitments and follow through on their promises.  This means even great Entrepreneurs that state they will do whatever it takes to make something happen.
  2. Define expectations in writing of what a Beta Client means and who will be doing what.  Even though someone says they will work with you jointly on a project, if they don’t do what they said they will do, you need something to fall back on.  No assumptions on what that means.
  3. Don’t expect the other party to put in as much “free” services as you do.  You will always have to give 150% more than the other party does.  Don’t go into a deal unless you are willing to be the one doing 150% of the work (or more).
  4. Be sure to have a backup plan in case the current plan doesn’t work out as anticipated.  You have heard the saying “Don’t have your eggs all in one basket”.  Another wards, don’t be so into this deal that you don’t have another option if it falls through.
  5. When the deal is off, realize its a done deal and move forward.  Don’t cry over spilt milk.  It is already spilt and no way to get it back into the cup.



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