A Beta Client Experience

Working with Physician’s offices that are start-ups, means they do not have the same capital to build their Medical Practice with.  This places challenges on many fronts when trying to find ways to be compliant with the Federal Regulations and making the Practice efficient and profitable.

In seeking to assist a client with the implementation of a Practice Management System with an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR), we (the software consultant for my client, my client and I) opted to be a Beta Client for a Texas-based company.  Their system was built for Chiropractor’s and they wanted to be able to advance and take their product to the next level.  The system was web-based, very user-friendly and had met the Meaningful Use requirements and was certified.  The company agreed to provide support and enhancements to meet the criteria needed by our specialty in exchange for us building the database, providing the feedback and testing the product for free along with a very low monthly maintenance fee.

After 5 months of working in the database, building the templates, creating the profiles, loading the CPT Codes, creating the Fee Schedules, loading the ICD9 Codes, inputting our patient base, etc the vendor has reneged on their agreement with us.  Their decision really made this a tough week to learn that they are not willing to fulfill their part of the deal with us.  The hard-core facts of the amount of time I have spent on something I won’t get a return on and the money spent to pay employees to load information in a system that we won’t be using, is gone.  We are back to square one, 4 months into a new year, with no more headway now then we were in the Fall of 2011 towards meeting Meaningful Use. This is a huge setback and a difficult situation that I currently am not aware how I am going to address, other than a meeting this next week with the Software Consultant and my client to discuss our options.


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