my client says: “I am Snow White”

The other day I made a call to a client to check in, say hi and let them know to be expecting an envelope in the mail from me.  I let him/her know that he/she probably was going to wonder why  I had “resent” paperwork that I previously had sent him/her and I wanted him/her to know it was updated, new copies, to get rid of the old unless he/she wanted to keep both.  Why?  Because this is what I did:

I provide Medical Billing, Consulting, Training and Accounting Services to my clients.  This client was very late at getting me their data for the 1099s for their Independent Contractors as the information was never loaded in Quickbooks when I obtained their account.  I have provided this client with items that need to be completed, but it still hasn’t been done, so I had to rely on them for data because mine was “missing” .  In my rush to meet the IRS Deadlines for 1099 Forms and filing their 1096 Form, guess what I did?  I forgot to create my own 1099 for providing services to them.  Yup.  So I did all that timely for what???  Just to have to redo it.

My client laughed and laughed and laughed at me and said, Misty, do you remember the scene of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where all the Dwarfs are counting themselves and they keep getting six and don’t understand when Snow White comes in and she counts seven and they think she is marvelous?  You are Snow White!

All I can say is at least my client has humor.  At least they didn’t chew me a good one.  At least they understood what I was trying to accomplish.  And at least it was mine and not someone else’s!

Can you laugh at yourself?  Can you admit your mistakes?  Share a funny client experience with me or another comment!  We love hearing from our followers.



2 Responses to “my client says: “I am Snow White””

  1. Valerie Riefenstahl (@vriefenstahl) Says:

    LOL–great moniker–Misty, aka, Snow White!

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