Why it pays to say Thank You!

What does Thank You mean to you?

Thank You = expressing one’s gratitude or thanks; a grateful feeling or acknowledgment of a benefit, favor, or the like, expressed by words (or otherwise)

Do you make it a habit to Thank people for what they do for you?  Do you know that when you make small habits they become a consistent pattern?  Do you Thank people, even in business?  Are you aware of the impact it will make?

I have always sent Thank You notes to my clients for little things, and they typically are shocked that I would take the time to do so.  They send me a response like, “Wow Misty, you amaze me!” or “You truly didn’t have to do that, but it was very kind of you.” or “The time you took to send me that note made my day!”  of “I should be the one thanking you.”  Glenn Shepard in the weekly issue this week with Work Is Not For Sissies wrote a great post about Thank You Notes which I would love for you to read here.

When you actually stop and take the time to spend a few moments reflecting on gratitude and letting someone else know how it impacted you or what your appreciative of, you will come away:

  1. With a heart soaring in appreciation
  2. Not focused on the problems and issues in your life
  3. Renewed in your spirit to be kind
  4. Thankful for the part that person has in your life
  5. With a keen acknowledgement that the small things truly do matter
  6. More grateful than you were when you started this moment of reflection
  7. Purposed in your heart to be on the lookout to Thank someone else as you go about your day

What does an Attitude of Gratitude do for you?  May I encourage you to be grateful…in everything!


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