Do you let others hinder your plan?

Today, I will take a path different then the normal blog post and am going to write a personal story on my blog…one that I hope will encourage you to be you and follow the direction of giving out of a pure heart to help others.

I have been attending networking groups for a year now.  Each group is different in format from how long the meetings are, to the structure of the meetings, to the type of attendee’s with B2B, B2C and MLM format.

Earlier this year, I was the spot light at one of these events and had 20 minutes to speak about my business.  A Board Member of the group asked me what I was going to speak on and I informed him that I was going to share with the group how to understand and maximize your insurance benefits along with information regarding their EOBs (Explanation of Benefits).  He informed me that I was going to utterly bore the group and that “their eyes are going to glaze over not too long into your speech”.  I must tell you that this individuals comment, totally annoyed me!  The individual was old enough to be my Grandpa and his lack of encouragement made my respect for him as a leader of the group be diminished.  If I were to have spoken about Medical Billing in a way that I know it, yes, the group would have been utterly bored because this topic is not going to interest very many people.  However, I was taking my 15 years experience in the industry and turning it into an informational session that would provide them with helpful tips and knowledge that they could walk away with.  I knew it would benefit many, if not all the attendee’s.  I spoke and left enough time for questions.  Out of all the times I have attended this group, there are usually 1-3 people with questions. I had about 10 or 12!  At the end of the meeting, that previous individual that had no encouragement for me came up to me and told me “Wow, that was an incredible speech.  I was impressed.  You really had some great information.”  I said “Thank You.  My goal is to be helpful and provide information that everyone can use.”  I could have said a million other things, but the fact was I proved what my company does in a different way made a great impact more than anything I could have ever said.  Because of the way I approached this opportunity and the information I provided, an attendee that was in the audience wanted me to speak to their client base on the same subject.  This event occurred this past Saturday and you can read the agenda here.

You never know what opportunities will come from your efforts.  I want to encourage you in a few small ways:

  • Be willing to share and help others with information that they can take with them and utilize in their life.
  • Don’t give up when someone says things to discourage you and decrease the wind in your sails or go so far as to poke a hole in it.
  • Continue with your plan that you know to be true.  The evidence will be seen directly by those listening and the truth will not be hid.

Have you experienced situations like this?  What did you do to combat the argument?  How did you create peace inside your soul and move forward with your plan?  We would love for you to share a story below!


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