Disciplinary Proceedings by the Texas Medical Board

By law, with certain exceptions the agency must complete the complaint and investigation process within 180 days, and the litigation process within another 180 days, so most complaints that are opened as investigations and go to litigation are resolved within a year (with the exception of cases that go to the State Office of Administrative Hearings). Disciplinary actions may include the following:

◆ an administrative fine for a minimal statutory violation, such as failing to provide properly requested medical records within 15 business days, or failing to get required continuing medical education;

◆ standard of care actions might require the respondent to have additional training, or monitoring by another physician;

◆ sexual misconduct violations may require boundaries courses or restrictions from treating the opposite sex;

◆ cases involving substance problems usually require a rigorous drug-testing program. Disciplinary orders can be as short as a one-time public reprimand or as long as 10 or 15 years of probation. Licenses may also be revoked or suspended if the Board determines the licensee’s continuing in practice is a threat to the public.

Out of the approximately 6,000 complaints TMB receives each year, the agency investigates about 2,000, and issues around 300 disciplinary orders each year.


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