Filing a Complaint with the Texas Medical Board

Anyone may register a complaint against a practitioner licensed by the Board. The most frequent complaints involve non-therapeutic prescribing, professional incompetence,unprofessional conduct, and inability to practice medicine because of impairment. Allegations of all jurisdictional complaints are investigated by board investigators. If there is evidence to suggest that there has been a violation of the Texas Occupations Code (Medical Practice Act), the licensee is notified of the possible violation and is asked to attend an informal settlement conference with representatives of the board. The complainant is also invited to this conference. If the board panel finds a violation and the licensee agrees to the terms, an agreed order is entered by the board. If the panel finds a violation and the licensee does not agree to an order, the case is filed with the State Office of Administrative Hearings to be heard by an administrative law judge.The Board is also statutorily charged to receive reports of claims and law suits against physicians that are based on allegations of professional liability. These reports provide a detection system that may identify recurring patterns of unacceptable health care.

Complaints may be filed at:


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