What is the Texas Medical Board?

The Texas Medical Board consists of nineteen members: nine MD’s, three DO’s and seven public members.

The Texas Physician Assistant Board is made up of nine members: three physicians, three physician assistants and three public members.

The Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners also has nine members: four accupuncturists, two physicians and three public members.

The Medical Board meets six times a year; the Physician Assistant and Acupuncture boards meet four times a year.While the boards set policy and make final decisions about licensure and disciplinary matters brought before them, they are supported by an agency with approximately 142 full-time employees. Management staff includes an executive director, usually an MD/JD; a general counsel; a chief of staff; directors of enforcement and customer affairs (which handles licensure); and managers of finance, human resources, public information and information technology. Support staff includes licensure investigators, call center representatives, nurse/investigators, compliance officers, attorneys, and administrative and legal assistants. About two-thirds of agency staff is based in Austin. The rest, field investigators and compliance officers, are based around the state.

To reach the Texas Medical Board:


800. 248.4062 Customer Information Center (Texas only)

800. 201.9353 Complaint Information Line (Texas only)

512.305.7030 Customer Information Center (anywhere)


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