CME AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™

AMA PRA Category 2 Credit

The AMA recognizes that there are other educational experiences that may not be developed by an accredited CME provider or may not qualify for direct credits, but that do provide valuable learning for the physician. Examples of such activities include:

• Teaching residents, medical students or other health professionals

• Unstructured online searching and learning (i.e., not Internet PoC)

• Reading authoritative medical literature

• Consultation with peers and medical experts

• Group discussions

• Self-assessment activities

• Medical writing

• Preceptorships

• Research

• Participating in live activities not designated for AMA PRA Category  CreditParticipation in an activity listed above may be claimed by the physician for AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ if all three of the following are true:

1) The activity complies with the AMA definition of CME.

2) The activity complies with the AMA ethical opinions on gifts to physicians from industry and ethical issues in CME (i.e., is not promotional)

3) The activity is determined by the physician to be a worthwhile learning experience related to his or her practice.Accredited CME providers may not designate activities for AMA PRA Category 2 Credit. These must be claimed and documented by the physician learner. Recording AMA PRA Category 2 Credit activities is important, as these credits may count toward meeting the requirements for the AMA PRA, as well as for licensing and other credentialing requirements. When claiming AMA PRA Category 2 Credits, physicians should calculate the number of credits based on the number of hours of participation rounded to the nearest quarter hour (e.g., 85 minutes of participation amounts to .5 AMA PRA Category 2 Credits).


To receive AMA PRA Category  and AMA PRA Category 2 Credits, it is important for physicians to recognize that:

•  AMA PRA Category  Credit is the most common metric for verifying participation in CME.

•  AMA PRA Category  Credit can be awarded only by ACCME- or SMS accredited CME providers or by the AMA itself.

•  Legitimate AMA PRA Category activities can be identified by use of the trademarked term “AMA PRA Category  Credit™.”

• Accredited CME providers may designate (in advance) AMA PRA Category  Credit for a variety of formally planned learning activities, but no activities may be designated for credit retrospectively.

• Physicians may claim AMA PRA Category  Credit directly from the AMA for specific learning experiences that can be documented and that are not formally sponsored by an accredited CME provider.

• It is physicians’ ethical responsibility to claim credit only commensurate with their participation in the activity.• Physicians must maintain their own records of CME credits earned.

• AMA PRA Category 2 Credits may be used to meet the requirements for both AMA PRA and for other credentialing purposes.

There are three easy ways to get additional information about AMA PRA credit and the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award:
Call 312.464.4672
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