How To Keep Track of CME Hours

You need to keep track of the CME Hours you do for reporting purposes.  We suggest creating a form that will be useful for you and/or your physicians to record their CME hours.  This is NOT an official form of the Texas Medical Board and is NOT required for compliance with the CME requirements.  Please understand, that if used, the guidelines for the form below should be retained as a personal record keeping process only.

CME Activities Completed

Name:  ____________________________________

License Number:  _______________________________

From:______________________, 201____  (date of current license)

To: ________________________, 201____   (date of next registration)

Activity Title: ____________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

# of Credits:  _________________________

Type of Credit (AMA, AAFP, AOA):  ___________________________________________

Texas Physicians may complete up to 12 hours (of the required total 24 hours every 12 months).

At least 12 hours every 12 months, including 1 hour of ethics and/or professional responsibility education, must be completed through participation in formal CME activities, but all 24 hours may be completed in this category.  Formal CME activities are defined as conferences, seminars, symposia, case conferences, grand rounds, educational presentations, self-study courses or materials, etc. which are:

  • Designated for Category 1 credit of the Physician’s Recognition Award of the American Medical Association
  • Approved for prescribed credit by the American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Designated for Category 1A and 2B credit of the American Osteopathic Association

Informal activities are not always provider verifiable. If available, retain brochures, computer transcripts or certificates of attendance. If not available, maintain a personal log of activities completed. The following may be reported as informal hours:

  • Conferences, seminars, grand rounds, case conferences, journal clubs, etc. not designated for formal credit. Record activity title; date; and clock hours expended.
  • Self instructional materials or courses not designated for formal credit and self-assessment examinations and reviews. Record activity/course title; date of use; and clock hours expended.
  • Reading clinically relevant medical journals or articles and use of literature search databases in connection with the provision of patient care. Record name of publication or data base utilized; date read/used; clock hours expended.
  • Participation in patient care review activities (peer review or hospital quality of care review committees); research/preparation time for medical presentations delivered to health professionals; Up to 10 hours may be claimed for: publication of a medical or medically related article; for each chapter of a medical or medically related book or other medical education materials; preparation of an exhibit displayed at a scientific medical meeting or other CME activity.
    Articles must be published in a recognized medical journal that is primarily read by physicians or other health professionals. Credit may be claimed only once for publications or exhibits even if it is reissued in a changed format. Record the type of activity; date completed; and clock hours expended.
  • Up to 6 hours may be claimed for volunteer services at a site serving medically underserved populations, as defined in the Medical Practice Act. The volunteer hours should be a site other than the physician’s primary practice location.

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