You and Your Work

I had a conversation recently with a local business owner regarding his employees.  What type of work do you or would you expect out of your employees?  Excellent work.  Good work.  Fair work.  Poor work.

Each of us start at a job with only a vague idea of what it is going to take to work and the responsibility involved.  Is it just a routine to you?  Are you bored with the job?  Are you only working for the pay?  Do you have interest in your work?  There isn’t such a thing as a dull job.  It all depends on your mental attitude.  Can you be proud of your service to the community?  Know that it is useful?  Something important?  You will do it poorly and become bored if you do not take personal satisfaction in it, pride of accomplishment, a sense of importance to others.  Do your work well, to profit you, your employer and society!  Enjoy doing it as well as you can and apply yourself.  You will become depended on.

Maybe you should watch this short video and let it help you decide what is important in your work…it is an old video, but the truth remains.

What was your first job?  What did you learn?  What do you value in an employee?


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