How can I prepare for ICD-10?

What can I do to prepare for ICD-10-CM?

While there will need to be significant education and training for physicians, coders and other health care personnel to fully implement this major code change, no one needs to panic. Other organizations are already attempting to capitalize on the situation by suggesting that coders should begin training immediately. The AAPC does not believe such an approach is either necessary or prudent since it will likely be difficult to remember in three or four years what you were trained on today.

The AAPC has a plan in place to provide accurate and timely assistance to permit you to effectively implement ICD-10 on time.  The plan is broken down by year (2009 – 2013) and includes a variety of delivery methods, such as Webinars, audio conferences, onsite training and national and regional conferences. A team of leading coding and ICD-10 experts developed the plan, which is broken into benchmarked steps.

As part of the implementation plan, the AAPC has provided its members with a “Personal Progress Tracker,” which gives members the ability to easily enter in personal progress with red, yellow and green lights that indicate whether the member is on schedule or not. More information, including the detailed plan and training program, is available on the AAPC’s Web site at


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