Winning in Business…just “Do It”

Art Williams spoke at the 1987 National Religious Broadcast Convention and you can watch the video clip here.  I took notes on some of the highlights that I want to remember and think about:

How to Win in Business

You first have to find a need.  You have to be able to fulfill the consumer need.  You have to know you market, someone to sell your product or service to.  You have to have a uniqueness.  You can do 99% of the things right but if you don’t do that 1%, you will fail.  No test measures the heart of a man or woman…they are not outside artificial things.  The key is what is what is inside a person.  It is your integrity, your people abilities, your character… develop a winning edge.

1. get excited, be positive, enthusiastic and tough

2. you got to be a dreamer, again

3. don’t say I can’t

4. stand for something

5. yes, you will be controversial, if you don’t want to be controversial then you will just be average and ordinary

6. make a total commitment to what you are about…you will have lots of false starts, pick yourself back up, you got to go for it one more time which will determine your success or failure, you can’t just stick your toe in it

7. treat people good, get to know them, love them, care about them

8. establish the right kind of priorities, you can not separate your personal and business life, have tunnel vision:  God must come First, Family Second, Business Third…long range it will be devastating to your business if this is not the order of your priorities

9.  you can’t quit, have a desire and will to win, pay the price a little bit more

10.  be a leader, do whatever it takes, just do it, do it, do it


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