Webinar: Networking Secrets for Thriving in Totally Screwed-Up Times

This webinar was presented by Keith Ferrazzi on Thursday, November 4th, 2010.  I listened to it and then re-listened to the call and took notes.  These are my takeaway’s from the session.

The worst anyone can do is say no.  -Pete Ferrazzi

Relationship as the Number 1 key to your success.  Where is your people plan? 

1. Focus:  Set specific goals.  Have clarity around your goals:  what you need to know and what to do.

2. Target:  Who are the individuals who can help you achieve these goals? Organize, prioritize, and manage this.

3. Define:  What you can do for other people and te most important relationships.

4. Alignment:  Invite people around you that care, have respect, your permission to influence. Build a few key people out there to help you kick butt and have your back.  Align your brand.

5. Outreach:  Clear strategy for pinging and outreach. You need: intimacy, candor, accountability, and generosity.

6. Renew:  Constantly growing and being better, expand.

You can’t think your way into a different way of ACTING.  You can act your way into a new way of THINKING.

It takes small doses of change.  Start with your mindset, the basic ways you think about ways to your success.  Develope your skill set: networking, preparing, meeting, expanding.  Tell Your Story:  pre-judge (it starts by how you judge yourself and others), passions, dreams, struggles, and habits.  What do you do that holds you back?  Ask for HELP!!!


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