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October 28, 2010

“Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.” -Gary Ryan Blair


Benefits of a Business Budget

October 25, 2010

What are the benefits of having a business budget?  Having a budget allows you to:

  • Forces you to outline your set goals and objectives.  By outlining specific costs you know what you need to do specifically in each area to achieve these criteria.
  • Review goals, discuss a strategy, set priorities, and plan realistic amounts.  Variable expenses can quickly get out of hand without a budget.  Allocations may need to be changed and a budget gives you this information. 
  • Plan expenses to determine how much revenue you will need to meet expenses and generate profit. 
  • Creates opportunity to plan ahead for shortfalls, slowdowns, and busy seasons.
  • Provides information needed to complete loan and financing options.
  • A quick glance at where you are with a monthly & annual picture of income and expenses.  This enables you to monitor cash flow.
  • Helps to pinpoint areas of success as well as areas that need tweaking. The ability to head off issues and plan for profit.
  • Opportunity to re-evaluate your business plan and reflect on how you will achieve it.
  • Many more budgeting benefits…

Fort Worth Chocolate Blues and Business Networking Festival

October 23, 2010

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Come and Go-Anytime 10am-4pm
The Stockyards Station-Stampede Room
130 E Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76164

The Fort Worth Chocolate Blues features a business expo with vendors, door prizes, open networking, an appointment setting station, speed networking, networking games, a giant business card exchange, round able workshops, blues background music and chocolate galore!

The purpose of this event is for local decision makers to connect. You will meet business owners, managers, leaders, CEO’s, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, marketing experts, technology guru’s and local media contacts. Parking is FREE!

This is a HUGE networking event, so allow yourself plenty of time. You may bring business cards, at least 300-400 to pass out. No literature allowed unless you are a vendor.

For Vendor Information: contact Shelly @417.353.2610 or

Speech at Network for Enterprising Woman

October 22, 2010

I am very excited to be a part of a group of woman that want to collaborate together to share ideas, encourage and support each other.  We all need people who can be there for us and in turn, we for them.  This group has the opportunity to share in many lives and make an impact.

I want to start by giving you a little history of me.  I am 33 and was born and raised in California.  I am the oldest and have a sister 2 years younger and a brother 5 years younger.  I moved to Burleson Texas in September 1997 to make a new start with my life after a rough childhood.  Texas has become my home and I am always grateful for the mentors and fill-in parents in my life that have helped to encourage and change me as a person.  I bought my first home, which was a HUD home, February 2007 and I am debt free other than the house.  I enjoy working, music, knitting, reading, playing the piano and entertaining my friends.

I have been in the medical field for 15 years.  My experience comes from working in doctor’s offices and with my client’s.  I started in Dermatology in California, and then moved on to increasing my skills and expertise in various positions in other specialty fields including, Cardiology, OBGYN, 3rd Party Pharmacy Claims Processor, Home Healthcare, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Optometry.  I have worked as a File Clerk, Receptionist, Data Entry Clerk, Medical Biller, Collections Representative, Billing Manager, Office Manager and Accounting Manager.  My experience as a medical biller and office manager have given me the opportunity to have insight into assisting medical practices increase their cash flow and maximize reimbursements.  I started Medical Account Solutions in June 2004 when I felt I could offer more than the typical medical billing agency does in today’s market.  It is my goal to help physicians thrive at doing what they do best.  They need staff that is organized, focused and efficient and our goal is to help them accomplish this.  We offer al-cart or full service medical billing services, consulting and training.  I worked solo for the first 4 years and hired my first part time employee 2 years ago and my second a year ago.  I currently have 3 clients and am looking to expand.  I am passionate about what I do and enjoy helping business find solutions to their problems.  Our team provides expertise and accuracy and you get a personalized hands-on approach with the services we offer.  My long term goal for the business is to offer classes and training to physician’s as they complete their residency program.  They are not taught basic business practices, the medical billing rules and regulations and what aspects are involved, or the length of time the credentialing processes take.  Physician’s graduate expecting that as soon as they get their practice setup and start seeing patients that they will be making money.  I want to be a resource and assist them with better tools to start out their medical practice in a different position then they typically do.

I thank all those who have encouraged me in my business and provided me resources and information to increase my success! 


October 21, 2010

“Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.” -Henry R Luce

Cowtown Netweavers 10.20.2010

October 20, 2010

There are life givers and life takers. Don’t let them take your dreams.  Be a live giver.  Lift people up.  You are royalty…kings & queens.

Get Motivated Seminar 2010

October 19, 2010

I attended the Get Motivated Seminar today with one of my employees.  I will recap for you my take-aways and nuggets:

Steve Forbes
Do things outside the box – even when you don’t know how it will turn out.  Do things differently.  Take some risks.  Often times success comes from those who utilize the services already in existence.  The little things are what makes the difference (i.e. coffee lids – one size fits all, vs sodapop lids – multiple sizes).  Be ready for serendipity.  Do things differently…like everyday things.  Make it simple.  Free enterprize with sensible rules.  Information without implementation is useless.

General Colin Powell
You have to go thru transitions in life.  Technology is changing life, how we learn, and how we do business.  It doesn’t matter where you start in life…it’s where you end up!  Book: The Greatest Generation.  Go thru life looking through the windshield not the rearview mirror & sideview mirrors.  Give people a future and a hope.  Do not be afraid.  Give them goals, a mission and a purpose…with passion.  Leaders must show intensity and be inspired.  Are you living the values you have in life?  Take care of, equip and train “your troops” (employees).  186miles per a second = speed of lightening.  The leader must do all this.  Recognize your troops….they will glow all day.  We all have anxiety’s, fears, ambitions, goals, etc.  The leader will be in touch with all in the organization.  Don’t hesitate to do what you need to do.  Trust is the essence of ALL leadership.  Be generous and open.

Laura Bush
We all have our own stories.  Books not only move people but define and encourage us on our journey.  It is the job of all of us to stand up and make a difference.

Krish Dhanam
If you’re happy, acknowledge your face.  Stand tall.  Have geniune leadership.  Restore relationships.  Amicable partnerships.  You have to have belief in your soul.  Equality or Fairness?  Complete ownership.  “I wish I had” or “I am glad I did”.  Sometimes before you speed up, you must slow down.  Effective stewardship.  Give more than you have.  You have to have something to give to do so.  Leave more than you take.  Offer praise to those loved.  Whose applause matters?  Book: The American Dream from Indian Times.  We are too cheap to offer dignity.  Don’t hide behind political correctness.

Chris Andrews
Debt makes you distracted.  Have the will to take action.  Visualize.

Emmit Smith
Have a strategy.  It takes hard work and dedication.  Have mentors.  All things begin and end in faith.  Think beyond the end of the game.  Even thru adversity opportunities emerge.  It is a decision and choice if you don’t take action.  You will be knocked down – pick yourself back up.  You will have to fight and fight hard.  Do your job with passion and integrity.  When you strive to be your best you and your team will be successful!  Learn, hone and develope your skills.

1. it all begin and ends with faith
2. claim inner champion
3. write down goals
4. define yourself and be a champion
5. recognize your vision
6. have fun – you only have one life
7. don’t give up
8. never strive for perfection – strive for excellence
9. be open for critics
10. do whatever it takes to be successful, and be consistent

Krish Dhanam
Success is who you are from where you begin to where you end.  We are mental, physical and spiritual beings.
IQ = intelegence
EQ = will
SQ = soul
all these (IQ, EQ, SQ) = YOU
Lord become #1 in my life.  Transform me to be the kind of person who you want me to be.  Forgive me of my transgressions.  When this is your heart, He will be the pilot of your life.  His purpose is what you were created for.  Cut out of your heart that which truely doesn’t matter.

Dr Robert Schuller
You/I can sin and make mistakes.  You/I can go to heaven or hell.  Cut the word impossible out of your life.  If we don’t have Jesus in our heart we have nothing.  You can start over again.  Faith is the capacity to believe what you do not have. Live with faith not with doubts.  God is alive.  Positive thinkers are always winners.  God loves you!

Julie Ziglar & Zig Ziglar
Help is needed in whatever you are doing.  You can have everything in life you wnt if you help enough other people get what they want and need.  Encouragement is very important.  The “economy” is in your head.  God didn’t make junk.  You need to treat each other in a loving way.  Tell the truth and people will trust you…trust is the magic word.  “Cold Hard Cash” is neither hard nor cold…it is soft and warm.  You can’t get anything without character.  A sense of humor is one of the most important things in life.  Say: I love you and believe in you!  You have to put something in before you can get something out…you may have to pump long enough…hard enough…and with the right attitude!

Ryan Smith
What is the definition of a business?  Provide a product or service that makes a profit.  Are you just busy being busy?  You need to be out to serve the other party.  Instill a work ethic.  I blieve prayer works.  He that is good with little is given much.  Believers know why they are givers.  Income does not determine class.  Every action has an equal reaction.  If you don’t have a plan, nothing will happen.  A written plan is 300% better!  What is your purpose?  Serving people will bring you happiness…money doesn’t.  You serve to make it…you give to keep it.  There is only one race – the Human Race.  Serving to benefit others should be your purpose.

Troy Aikman
Success takes hard work…no shortcuts and easy way out.  Put in the time.  You know when you are working hard.  We all need influential mentors and coaches…to make a “team”.  What makes a great leader?  To be effective you have to explain the goal.  Each member on the team will have their own goals and bring different attributes to the table.  People make things tougher than they need to…keep it simple…pull back.  Go in fully prepared – it will make your competition have to be just as prepared or work twice as hard.  Getting knocked down has tought me to move and has been my greatest accomplishments.  Give everything you have…even if it doesn’t work out, something else will.  Listen…play hard…be a good teammate.

Terry Bradshaw
Realize who you are.  Be still and listen.  God will tell you what to do.  Be real with yourself.  Know your limits. Be thankful you are alive today.  Be what God wants you to be.  Work hard at it.  Be happy…you have to have joy inside.  Understand your limits…and know what you are good at.  We are all limited.  Learn how to smile…you will meet lots of people.  When you become successful, people will make fun of you and take shots at you.  Keep things simple and in perspective.  You have choices.  Have a plan.  Say Thank You to someone else.

Stephen Pierce
1. The biggest threat to your future is the past you won’t let go of.
2. You can’t make money and excuses at the same time.
3. It’s not about it getting better…it is about ou getting better.

It is not about what is going on, on the outside, but what is going on, on the inside.  It isn’t about proximity, it is perspective.  Change isn’t always comfortable, but it is possible.

Rudolph Giuliani
Spend time individualizing your thoughts and beliefs.  We are in an instant information age.  Stay connected.  Make technology work for you.  You have to figure it out and use it.  You have to do more things and be intentional in leadership.  Empower yourself with information.  Have strong beliefs.  Have goals.  When you prepare, you do better.  Be determined.

1. Read books: write down what interests you.
2. Listen: to other people.  copy them (the ones you admire).
3. Write: things down…pro’s & con’s. goals.
4. Think & Meditate: everyday.
5. Care about & love people: be there for your friends – it is the best social safety net.

There are lots of winds…lots of waves…lots of distractions.  Stop and take a break.  Think of the morale of the people.

Do I need an Electronic Medical Record System?

October 18, 2010
  • Are you trying to wade thru the decision process of an Electronic Medical Record software system? 
  • Are you having difficulty knowing what is the best option for your practice?
  • Are you unsure how the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act of 2009 will affect you?

EMR Remedies was founded with one primary goal, to assist physicians with the evaluation and selection of Electronic Medical Records systems as well as other technology required to improve the productivity and efficiencies of the physicians practice.  Founded by engineers, EMR Remedies provides non-biased consultative services to physicians, clinics, and hospitals in selection, integration, and ongoing support of Health Information Technology (HIT). 

EMR Remedies provides expert analysis to all areas of medical office technology such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Lab Information Systems (LIS), Transcription, Billing and Coding, Hardware and Software, and Remote Hosting Services.

With expertise in the HIT Meaningful Use criteria for Medicare and Medicaid providers, EMR Remedies can insure that physicians receive maximum benefit from the HITECH provisions of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act of 2009.

Written & Printed with permission from EMR Remedies, President Anil Keswani. 

Contact EMR Remedies at or at 214.546.4608.

Business Budget Categories

October 18, 2010

So as you work at making your business budget, what categories do you need?  I have made a list of some of the important ones to get you started…you may want to expand it.


  • Sales Revenue
  • Sales Returns/Credits
  • Interest Revenue
  • Other Revenue


  • Advertising
  • Bad Debt
  • Cost of Goods
  • Depreciation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Equipment (Computers, Fax Machines, Office Equipment, Printers)
  • Fees (Bank, Legal)
  • Insurance
  • Interest Expense
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Marketing
  • Meals
  • Office Supplies
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Rent
  • Research & Development
  • Salaries, Wages, Commissions & Bonuses
  • Software
  • Training Classes
  • Travel
  • Utilities (Cell Phone, Electric, Fax, Gas, Internet, Phone)
  • Web Hosting & Domains

Each industry will have specific revenue and expense requirements, therefore you will likely expand and contract this list.  What other revenue or expenses to you have?

Board Membership announced with Cowtown Netweavers!

October 14, 2010

I received a call today from Mark Feuling with Refresh H20, the organizer of Cowtown Netweavers MeetUp group.  He informed me that the board had voted to offer me the position of participating as a board member since the person who held the position previously had resigned.  I had no clue this was in the works or even something that would be offered to me even if it was! I must tell you that I am very excited and eager to be apart of this team.  I want to encourage business owners out there to succeed and it is my goal to assist them however I can in making that happen.  We each learn from each other and this is a great opportunity to get ideas, feedback, assistance, encouragement, referrals, and much more.

The introduction to Cowtown Netweavers at reads:

Cowtown Netweavers was modeled after several other successful Netweavers groups throughout Dallas. Our goal is to bring the unique and effective Netweavers approach to networking to Fort Worth. The approach is very unique in that this is not a for-profit organization putting these together, but simply professionals who wish to truly network their business and contacts, to benefit others in the group.

The group meets each Wednesday at 7:00 am at I-30 and University in Ft. Worth. Ol’ South Pancake House located at 1509 S. University Fort Worth, Texas 76107.  The cost of the meeting is $1 plus set breakfast menu of $9.

Please join us!


October 14, 2010

“And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.”  -Andrew Carnegie

C3 for Woman Event – Reasons Why You Rock

October 13, 2010

Today, I was a guest of Michelle Martin with C3 for Woman Event held at the Botanical Gardens.  What an awesome and exciting experience to see woman entrepreneurs collaborating together with a vision to inspire, encourage and brainstorm.  Kathy Light was the speaker today on the theme: Reasons Why You Rock.  You can get all the details of it here:

I want to stop and recap for you my take-aways from my notes:

  • Realize your greatness. 
  • You are special. 
  • We focus on our mistakes, our short comings, the way others are better, but we can’t reach our potential when we think about the negative. 
  • You are a Child of God…we were born to manifest the glory of God in us. 
  • Letting your light shine gives others the power to also. 
  • Begin with gratitude. 
  • Then share with others from your own experience “why you rock”.

Thank you Michelle for inviting me to attend as your guest!

Cowtown Netweavers MeetUp 10.13.2010

October 13, 2010

Look for the stars…they only shine in the dark.

We are all dreamers…DREAM happy and DREAM big!


October 12, 2010

Stop allowing yourself to turn away in fear every time you are faced with a challenge, simply because you feel that you do not have all the skill and ability needed to succeed. Begin to create belief in you potential by committing to apply your energy daily to improve your skills and knowledge and allow yourself to grow into your potential.

-Andrew Horton

Business Budget Terms

October 11, 2010

Last week, we discussed why you need to have a business budget.  Today we will discuss terms you need to know in creating a business budget:

Net Income = Total Revenue – Total Expenses

Revenues: The income that is generated by providing a service, selling a product, earning interest on investments, renting extra office space, licensing technologies, selling advertising space, or licensing the use of your brand name. In the income statement template, there are categories for Sales revenue, Service revenue, Interest revenue, and Other revenue. 

Business Expenses: For a retail company, one of the main expenses is the cost of goods sold. For service businesses, this might not be such a large factor. Some of the other operating expenses may be advertising, salaries, rent, utilities, insurance, legal fees, accounting fees, supplies, taxes, etc.

Operating Income: In the multi-step income statement, the operating income is calculated from the Gross Profit minus the total Operating Expenses. In general, interest expense and income tax expense are not included as operating expenses, which gives rise to the term EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes), simply another name for Operating Income.

Income from Continuing Operations: This is the “bottom line”, calculated as the Operating Income minus interest expense and income tax (and plus/minus non-operating revenues, expenses, gains, and losses, if there are any). If there are no “below-the-line” items, then this is the same as the Net Income.


October 7, 2010

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.”  -Tom Peters

Do you have a Business Budget?

October 4, 2010

As a business entrepreneur, creating a business budget is part of your business plan and is a basic necessity at managing any business.  The process of creating a budget for your business is simply a tool for organizing cash flows to develop a picture of what your business is going to look like in three, six, nine and twelve months. To create a budget, you need to know what your expenses and revenue (real and/or anticipated) are and/or will be. Once you have a budget outlined, you now have a business perspective that enables you to monitor cash flow, maximize investment capital, and achieve goals and objectives.  Without this key element, you do not have an accurate internal financial picture of the results of your business. 

A basic business budget contains four major numbers: projected sales and revenue; projected total costs of achieving that level of sales and revenue; the profit or loss from operations based on the two numbers above; and the cumulative total of profits and losses over time.  Your budget should include all the costs of operation involved in producing and delivering the product or service to customers. These include:

  • The costs of purchasing or producing the product or service.
  • Sales and marketing costs.
  • Business’s administration and operation costs.
  • All fixed, variable and semi-variable costs of business operation.

To determine cost of operating, create a list of all regular allocations you will have expenditures in and then set a fixed amount each category will incur.  You should compare the actual results in each category against the projected results. All categories in your budget should be reviewed each month (or at minimum each quarter depending on your buying patterns) to ensure that you are staying on target so that you can adjust before year end.  Waiting to review this information until 2months before year end or tax time is too late. The act of studying each number each month will improve performance in that area.

Your budget should reflect the cumulative profits or losses of the company over a period of months. Profits and losses are added together each month to get a total; these totals tell you the end result of when your business will break even and begin earning a profit. The total of losses will tell you how much money you will have to borrow or provide to the business from savings before it is profitable. An accurate budget will reveal the truth about your business’s potential.

By implementing a business budget, a business owner will know what they have to work with and how to work with it.  While initially, creating and putting a budget in place may seem constricting, frustrating and a hassle, it actually will create a clear financial plan for you which will be decrease stress and create energy.  Remember, the goal of a business is to make a profit.  Therefore your budget will help you determine the ability to maximize spending and saving to ensure a solid financial future.